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About Us

Welcome to The Breakfast Pantry

We believe that breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. A nutritious breakfast opens the doors to productivity- it provides energy, improves short-term memory, and betters our focus. And most importantly- it creates positive and happy mornings that have lasting effects on our days.

We love helping people create happy mornings and perfect pantries, filled with only the best products. We are dedicated to providing nutritious and high-quality products from brands whose values align with ours in ethical, transparent, and eco-conscious business practice. 

All Food Products Are:

The food products we carry contain all, or mostly all, organic ingredients. No synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Just nutrient-dense foods that are better for us and our planet!

Straight from the Earth- no animal products! This is because we believe that the most nourishing (+ delicious) breakfast foods come from the Earth. Eating plant-based is also great for our environment. 

We’re obviously all about fresh fruits and veggies too- we just specialize in providing the dry goods!

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Our Beginning

The Breakfast Pantry was founded by Jordan Kruger, a Toronto-based, breakfast lover. Her morning mantra has always involved preparing and enjoying a delicious, wholesome breakfast. This routine never fails to bring about a positive and relaxing start to her day. Fun fact: The Breakfast Pantry actually began as a school project! Following her studies, Jordan decided to bring The Breakfast Pantry to life in order to make stocking up on plant-based breakfast and pantry items simple, fun and convenient! She hopes The Breakfast Pantry helps others experience their happiest mornings.