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Organic Cotton Bulk Bag/ Nut Mylk Bag

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Size: 9"(h) x 9"

Looking to reduce your use of single-use plastic bags? Our long lasting, light weight Organic Cotton Bulk Bags are ideal for your weekly trips to the grocery store or local farmers market. Our small bags are perfect for herbs or loose tea, and our large bags are great for bulk purchases such as pastas and grains or larger produce items such as lettuces, celery and potatoes.

And did we mention these double as a NUT MYLK bag?! Making your own plant-based, dairy-free milk is good for you and for the environment; less preservatives and additives into your body than store bought nut milks and less packaging that ends up as landfill. Our bulk bags strain pulp efficiently from your ground almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, coconut, hemp, flax, rice, oats and more– resulting in creamy and pure, plant-based milk! 

Note: Because our bags are hand made, they may vary slightly from bag to bag.