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Canister Sets

The Breakfast Pantry

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Refresh your pantry with our stackable glass canisters- designed to help create easy, organized and beautiful storage. Crafted from Borosilicate glass- a high quality, durable and thermal shock resistant glass and topped with an acacia wood lid and silicone ring- these canisters will add earthy tones and lots of warmth to your pantry shelves.

Our Starter Set is perfect for those looking to get started on their pantry organization. This set includes:
1 x Small Glass Canister (400ml)
● 1 x Medium Glass Canister (700ml)
● 1 x Large Glass Canister (1000ml)
● 1 x Extra Large Glass Canister (1300ml)

Our Makeover Set is perfect for those looking to give there pantry a whole new look. This set includes:
● 2 x Small Glass Canisters (400ml)
● 2 x  Medium Glass Canisters (700ml)
● 2 x Large Glass Canisters (1000ml)
● 2 x Extra Large Glass Canisters (1300ml)

Note: Due to the nature of Acacia wood, no two lids look exactly the same.

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