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Detox Body Brush


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Dry brushing is a centuries-old beauty ritual that helps improve skin health by exfoliating, increasing blood circulation, and promoting lymphatic drainage. This ritual results in brighter and smoother skin as it sloughs off dead skin cells, allowing for deeper penetration when you apply your moisturizer.

The brush is made with 100% natural, biodegradable sisal fibres that have a medium firmness for a gentle yet effective treatment, giving you a beautiful, natural glow. 

How to use: Dry brushing is always done on dry skin prior to going into the shower. Start at your ankles and move up your body. Brush your skin using long strokes upwards. If you’re new to dry brushing, use extremely light pressure, especially in areas where your skin is thin. Brush your arms after you’ve brushed your legs and mid-section (and don’t forget your behind!). For best results, follow your shower with the All-Over Oil.

This ritual is typically practiced two to three times a week, but you can do it as often as daily, in the morning or evening. Results usually appear within the first two weeks.

Why it works:
● Exfoliates dead skin, leaving you with silky-smooth skin and an all-over body glow – noticeable both instantly and in the long term
● Boosts circulation by increasing blood flow to the target areas
● Helps detoxify your skin by promoting lymphatic flow and drainage