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Reusable Bamboo Straw Sets

The Breakfast Pantry

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Looking to limit your use of disposable straws, at home and on the go? Our bamboo straws are safe for adults, children, and our planet! Perfect for all beverages: water, juices, smoothies, cocktails and more! Not only are they reusable, they are the best biodegradable alternative to plastic straws. Did you know bamboo is the most sustainable plant on the planet? It can grow to a rate of up to 1m (3ft) per day, needs no irrigation, reaches maturity in less than a year, and it is naturally antibacterial. That's why its called a super-plant!

This set includes:

● Choice of 4 or 8 bamboo straws
● 1 nylon cleaning brush

● 1 organic cotton carrying pouch

Note: Due to the nature of bamboo, no two straws look exactly the same.