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You Gotta Pizza My Heart

The Breakfast Pantry

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The ULTIMATE family Italian night at-home for a plant-based, pizza + pasta loving Dad.

Stellar Eats Pizza Dough Mix: Soft and doughy - it will hold up against any topping or sauce you desire! We're talkin' real-deal, durable, wont crumble in your hands type of grain-free crust!

Chickpea Penne Pasta + Spaghetti: Delicious taste, great texture and no added anything! Made from just organic chickpeas and lentils, this pasta provides 23 grams of plant-based protein per serving!

Core and Rind Sharp + Tangy Cashew Cheesy Sauce: A deliciously creamy and dairy free alternative to cheese. Tangy and packed with flavor - think sharp cheddar! Perfect for pizza and pasta!

Lahmar Olive Oil: Cold-pressed from Tunisian organic Chetoui olives, this superior quality organic intense olive oil has the gentle aroma of freshly handpicked olives and an acidity lower than 0.8%.

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