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Glow Diffuser With Light


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The Glow Diffuser lights up, creating soft ambience while scenting your home naturally with 100% pure essential oils. Glow uses all-natural oils to safely scent your space. That means no harsh chemicals or other toxic ingredients. Its entire body lights up, giving off a soft, well, glow. Its curved silhouette and small size make it perfect for any room.

Featuring two time settings (4-hour continuous and 8-hour intermittent) to scent your space on your schedule.

How To Use:
The Glow Diffuser is ultrasonic, meaning it uses water and vibrations instead of heat. To use the Glow Diffuser, simply fill the reservoir with water to just below the fill line and add 20-30 drops of Vitruvi essential oils. Then place the lid on the reservoir, plug in the diffuser, and turn it on.

- 1st click: Continuous (4 hours)
- 2nd click: Intermittent (8 hours)
- 3rd click: Off

Press and hold the button to turn the light off and on.