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The Shroom Trio

The Breakfast Pantry

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A trio for the shroom loving health guru featuring our two best-selling Gut Lab Powders. 


The Gut Lab Shroom 5 Powder: Full of energy boosting polysaccharides / support GI health + proliferate good bacteria in the gut / cardiovascular + respiratory support (cold + flu!) / improve cognitive function / may reduce inflammation, anxiety, fatigue / support natural detoxification + liver health.

The Gut Lab Her Powder: Known for promoting hormone balance / supporting/toning the reproductive system (from pre-teen years to menopause + beyond!) / used to reduce inflammation in the gut + may increase digestive enzymes lipase + amylase / helps to soothe the digestive tract / may help you feel nourished, energized, + grounded. 

The Gut Lab Supercharged Tote: This everyday tote bag (featuring the cutest design!) is perfect for carrying all of your smaller produce and bulk bags to and from the grocery store and farmers market. The smallest changes, such as choosing reusable shopping bags, can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. 

Retail value: $60