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Brownie Crunch Bar


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Size: 50g (1 bar)

Introducing Talent Bar, the vegan, keto-friendly, and non-GMO energy bar containing just 3 grams of natural sugar. But what truly sets Talent Bar apart is its secret weapon – 1,500 mg of Lion's Mane mushroom extract.

Fuel your body with the power of nature's genius. Lion's Mane mushroom, renowned for its cognitive benefits, takes center stage in Talent Bar. Experience enhanced focus, mental clarity, and memory support.

Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure purity, quality, and nutritional value. With Talent Bar, you can indulge in a satisfying treat without compromising your dietary goals. Say goodbye to artificial additives and empty calories. Talent Bar is a wholesome, nutrient-dense energy bar that nourishes your body. Bursting with natural flavours and free from GMOs, it's a delicious way to fuel your potential.

Experience the fusion of taste and wellness with Talent Bar. Embrace the benefits of Lion's Mane mushroom, embrace a healthier lifestyle, and unleash your full potential with Talent Energy's revolutionary creation.

Vegan | Keto-Friendly | Non-GMO | Gluten-Free