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Raw Kitchen + Bath Natural Loofah Scrubber (Set of 3)


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Size: 12.5cm x 9cm each (in dry form)

Looking for an alternative to the plastic sponge or plastic bath loofah? Look no further than these Natural Loofah Scrubbers. Raw, not sprayed, treated or sewn. Each piece expands and can be cut to your appropriate size. Use in the kitchen, in the bath, on your body or to clean!

The mesh-like texture makes it easy to foam using less soap with each use. Hard enough to exfoliate and scrub, and soft enough to protect skin (or other surfaces). Each sponge is durable for approximately 30-40 days. When you are finished with your Sitti Loofah Sponge, simply bury it in the soil or throw it in with your other compost materials to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle.

The loofah plant is a fast growing vine native to Asia and Southeast Asia, belonging to the cucumber family. They are cultivated throughout the Middle East, including Jordan. The loofah fruit is similar to a cucumber but much bigger. The inside of this fruit develops strong fibers, which are perfect for exfoliating and cleaning!

Note: Each loofah comes compressed and flattened. Loofah will expand when wet.