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The Reset

Elxr Juice Lab

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Ready for a reset?

You’re ready to dip your toe in, but perhaps not do a cannonball… yet! You want a reset to get digestion back on track. Soothe bloating, indigestion and tummy troubles with this tasty and good-for-you crew. You may be new to the health scene or to cleansing, but it doesn’t mean you want it any less. The Reset is here to answer the call.

Includes: 4 8oz cold-pressed juices, 2 8oz tonics, 1 8oz milk, 2 1oz boosters

Note: Please specify the quantity/total number of days you would like to cleanse for. If you are ordering 4 or more cleanses, Elxr will automatically split up your order amongst multiple delivery dates. If you are ordering for multiple people, please add this info to the note section of your order. Upon checkout, please let us know the specific date you would like to start your cleanse.