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Elxr Juice Lab

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Digest is designed to both aid digestion while soothing the mind and body and to improve digestion long-term as well. Soothing chamomile helps us shift out of fight-or-flight mode, an M.O. which holds our digestive system hostage and can lead to bloating, gas and indigestion. This multi-use flower also helps to modulate stomach acid production, which can aid in heartburn prevention.

Kombucha vinegar is a concentrated version of our favourite bubbly bevie, providing in Digest a shot of acid to help initiate digestion, as well as live enzymes and probiotics. This marshmallow isn’t the kind you roast on a stick!: this healing root soothes the digestive tract by coating tissues in anti-inflammatory compounds. Ginger - a perennial favourite - helps reduce nausea and helps to keep digestion strong. Last and not least, tart cherry juice gives this booster its lovely hue, as well as a tart kick that helps stimulate fat digestion.