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Stress Relief Tincture

Ceremony Mushrooms

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Size: 118ml

Help your mind stay clear and your body grounded. This powerful but peaceful blend helps lower stress levels in the immediacy without drowsiness, and encourages resilience over the long-term. Perfect for daytime use when you still need to remain focused, but calm.

Stress is unavoidable (and part of normal functioning), but excess amounts can have a cascading effect that negatively impacts us on both a hormonal and emotional level, impeding our digestion, sleep, mood, energy, and overall quality of life.  “Adaptogen” is a term used to describe plants with innate “balancing” qualities- meaning, they don’t just do one thing or have a particular action, but rather modulate your body’s systems to bring them back into equilibrium.  This blend contains adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms that not only support us in acute moments of overwhelm, but also are used daily as a way to balance our system when stressors have us feeling constantly in overdrive.

Organic Ingredients | Non-GMO | Naturally Gluten-Free