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Sleep Tincture

Ceremony Mushrooms

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Size: 118ml

Master the art of sleep. Quiet racing thoughts and calm the nervous system to be gently coaxed into sleep.

Did you know your body’s metabolic processes are impaired after just one night of poor sleep?  It goes without saying that sleep disturbances can make us feel horrible and impact our ability to function. This blend was created to help with sleep troubles, and address the mental and physical stressors undermining our ability to fall asleep.

Reishi mushroom and supportive herbs are used for their calming and mildly sedating properties, to help us unwind, decompress, and release nervous tension that can interfere with our ability to fall, and stay asleep.  This blend was designed to be able to be used on an as-needed basis, however it will not create a dependency if used long-term, and can actually tonify the nervous system over time.

Organic Ingredients | Non-GMO | Naturally Gluten-Free