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All-Purpose Cleaner Refills - Dunes at Dusk


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This All-Purpose Cleaner looks like the cool, calm type, but is also a high-performing multitasker, thanks to a concentrated blend of nine naturally derived ingredients, which quickly act to break down grime and dust particles on surfaces.

Buy the Reusable Vessel once and enjoy endlessly. Each highly concentrated refill vial makes one full 500mL bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner.

Includes two refill vials (50mL).

High Usability: Guests on Earth All-Purpose Cleaner can be used on a wide variety of nonporous surfaces, including sealed marble, and wood, porcelain, granite, stainless steel, glass, screens and quartz. It's also safe for high chairs, toys, and other places where messes happen.

High Marks: Third-party lab tested and proven to be as effective as the leading all-natural cleaner.

High Quality: Made from high-quality all-natural ingredients that are plant and mineral-based. Just the good stuff, none of the bad.