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The Calm + Cozy Set - London Fog


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Give the gift of a calm + cozy day.

Blume's Rose London Fog Blend is a functional London Fog, without the syrup and caffeine. Floral, calming and softly sweet. They use micro-ground rose petals, rose-hips and tart cherry to make this blend rich in vitamins and skin boosting goodness. Rose has been used for centuries to ease symptoms of PMS and bloating. Sip and glow on. (Ingredients: Organic Rose Petal Powder, Organic Decaf Black Tea Powder, Organic Bergamot Flavour, Organic Rosehips Powder, Organic Vanilla Flavour, Organic Tart Cherry Powder)

Lake & Oak's Coco Rose Earl Grey Tea is a luxurious twist on the classic Earl Grey. Light and balanced with organic bergamot essence and a hint of nuttiness from toasted coconut. Blended with rose petals and cinnamon, it will transform your daily cup of tea into a goddess-worthy ritual. Paired with a Stainless Steel Golden Tea Egg for steeping. (Ingredients:  Organic black tea, Organic rose petals, Organic coconut flakes, Organic bergamot essence, Organic cinnamon)

Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, is native to South America and has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, energize oneself and combat negative energy. Burn the end of a stick and spread throughout the air to cleanse your space and unwind.