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The Rest + De-Stress Set


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Give the gift of relaxation with a curation of feel good products designed to help decrease stress levels.

Sink deep into a moment of restoration with Well Kept's Ivory Soaking Salts

Enjoy a cup of Lake & Oak’s loose leaf Ashwagandha and Chill Tea accompanied by a Stainless Steel Golden Tea Egg for steeping. A sweet and soothing herbal medley of chamomile, spearmint and skullcap. This potent blend uses the adaptogenic herb ashwagandha to relax the effects of mental and physical stress. 

The Este Candle by Lohn is scented with a natural blend of chamomile, grapefruit, lavender, patchouli and petitgrain essential oils. Light and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of lavender oil, known to help relieve stress and anxiety. Tip: Light before bed to enjoy lavender’s sleep benefits - know not only to help you fall asleep, but to improve the overall quality of rest. Features sustainable coconut & soy wax for a clean, non-toxic, slow burn and a minimal ceramic vessel that is food grade, reusable and recyclable.

Palo Santo, also known as “Holy Wood”, is native to South America and has been used for centuries to cleanse spaces, energize oneself and combat negative energy. Burn the end of a stick and spread throughout the air to cleanse your space and unwind.